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11th June 2003

king_gilgalad10:45pm: *is starting to get drunk, but refuses to sing*

*glares at the slash whore*
voronwe9:04pm: In some new level of twistedness, my mun has decided that there is going to be a very disturbing duet starting off tonight.

*much eye-darting*

So without further adieu...Collapse )
Current Mood: ;) :)

28th March 2003

voronwe6:04pm: ::goes to Lindon::



::is poked repeatedly by mun::

Okay, okay! ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO KAREOKE, PLEASE SAY SO! Besides those of you who have already done so.

Happy? >_
Current Mood: naked

22nd March 2003

bnh12:52pm: who's up for some kareoke sometime? ;)

come on, anyone? please? *looks cute*

PS: invitation is open to anyone, including those of you that may not be residents of lindon. ;)
Current Mood: evil

21st March 2003

bnh5:57pm: *randomly transports self to Lindon*

*twirls in empty hallways in the old wing*

*settles in a random!empty!bedroom*

*wonders how many people will kill her for this* XD
Current Mood: o lindon!
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